Unattended Baggage Solution

What is Unattended Baggage Technology?

Let’s unpack what unattended luggage means to us. In a sentence, your luggage is unattended when you don’t have immediate control of it. This may be leaving it out of sight, with another person, or in a place where you can’t prevent its theft or damage. Unattended baggage detection function detects the objects left over in the pre-defined region such as the baggage, purse, dangerous materials, etc., and a series of actions can be taken when the alarm is triggered. Unattended luggage’ is a common term used by travel insurers, and although it may seem straightforward, it can be the source of confusion and frustration for travellers. Leaving your bag in a crowded airport is an obvious no-no (and an easy way to get into trouble with airport security). Passenger baggage sent separately as personal-effects cargo, and not as baggage accompanied by a passenger.
Basically, anywhere you leave your stuff where it can be taken is considered unattended. This includes any bag not strapped to you, wrapped around a body part, clutched to your chest or put in a secure storage facility. It also includes leaving your sunglasses on the backseat of the cab, your passport on the counter or your ipad in your checked bags. To attend to your luggage or valuables, you need to have them with you and not let them out of your sight - literally. Even if you're watching it like a hawk, if you're not able to stop someone taking your gear, then it's at risk of being stolen, so you may not be covered by your insurance.

Examples of unattended luggage

Remember, your travel insurance covers you for the unexpected, not the unattended!
Some common examples of unattended luggage include:
  • Leaving your valuables on the beach or beside the pool while you go swimming
  • Leaving your valuables out of your sight at train stations and bus terminals
  • Leaving your valuables unattended when you’re taking photos of tourist attractions
  • Leaving your valuables out of sight when you’re eating at a restaurant
  • Leaving your valuables with a stranger

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