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Money, properties, lives etc are vulnerable to constant threats. Thefts, kidnaps, children and wards’ frequent abuse are a few issues that pose as threats to households.

Security and Surveillance: Burglar alarms, fire alarms, intrusion detectors, high quality; high-end  CCTV surveillance cameras ensure that the effects of all these ills are minimized. With advancement in technology and an ever rising demand in safety; homes, companies, hotels, industrial as well as non- industrial layouts have all resorted to adapting latest technology in operation, management and SAFETY.


So… How does Cloud Security Technology help?

At Cloud Security Technology, ONLY the best brands are retailed and incorporated. Hikvision, Gent, Centurion, Garret to mention but a few a brands that have over the period ensured that we give the best results to our ever growing clientele. We have effectively covered areas such as Intrusion detection, general home, workplace and manufacturing unit surveillance, fire and burglar alarm systems, automated gate installation, staff time attendance etc… we hitherto ensure that satisfaction derived by our clients is maximized. Timely installation, best and competitive prices, high quality products and spot-on customer interfacing are our only strategies in ensuring that your experience is one-in-a million.

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