• Hikvision Launches World’s First Ever ‘Deep Learning’ Embedded NVR

    The DeepinMind embedded NVR took inspiration from human brain to perform astonishingly accurate false alarm filter


    Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions, has launched its ‘DeepinMind Network Video Recorder (NVR)’—the world’s first embedded NVR benefiting from ‘Deep Learning’ functionality. This intelligent NVR effectively ‘learns’ to identify people captured by video surveillance cameras. The NVR will also learn to filter out false alarms that would have previously been triggered by non-threatening moving objects. This new 32-channel iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S NVR will be the first in Hikvision’s new range of DeepinMind products.

    Hikvision is taking the ‘Deep Learning’ concept and applying it to the security industry, yielding a series of completely new products. Imitating human beings’ synaptic learning and memory processes, the DeepinMind Series NVR incorporates advanced algorithms to achieve astonishingly accurate and consistent Video Content Analytics (VCA) performance. The launch of the innovative iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S NVR is on track to establish remarkable new levels of alarm-activated monitoring.


    False alarms triggered by animals, leaves, shadows, changes in lighting, and other insignificant objects regularly plague security personnel, costing too many man-hours and monetary resources. But with its ability to detect human bodies, the iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S NVR effectively filters out such false alarms. The DeepinMind NVR identifies and triggers human activity with an unprecedented accuracy—exceeding 90%. Its high-speed Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) performs accelerated computing while Deep Learning algorithms improve accuracy over against current NVR models that still rely on conventional CPUs. Moreover, these features enable authorized users to search recorded footage and find targets far more quickly than with a traditional NVR.


    “With traditional edge-based VCAs employed in camera heads, alarm activation accuracy relies on strict requirements for a scene’s background. To date, the accuracy of their intelligent recognition and analysis in comparable scenarios can be inconsistent” says Keen Yao, VP at Hikvision International Business Centre. “With the introduction of the DeepinMind embedded NVR, Hikvision is offering installers and end-users a whole new level of alarm activation accuracy, and with that, more efficient surveillance systems management.”


    The iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S DeepinMind embedded NVR can simply substitute an existing DVR or NVR, introducing intelligent learning previously unavailable with traditional surveillance systems in just one step. Such an upgrade enhances conventional video surveillance performance for markedly more efficient security.


    The DeepinMind embedded NVR also features up to 32 channels of video input for IP cameras (up to 12 MP), HD video output & decoding, hard drive hot-swapping, RAID (0, 1, 5, 6, and 10) configurations for up to eight 8-TB HDDs, and dual-NICs.


    Besides, Hikvision has also taken the Deep Learning technology and innovated a family of products to maximize its use, including DeepinView IP camera range and DeepinMind video analytics server. Keep an eye on the Hikvision website to see launches of these products!

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  • SO… Why Hikvision?

    Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “Hikvision”) was established in November 2001, founded with 49% foreign capital. The company was officially listed on Small and Medium Enterprise Board (SME Board) in China Shenzhen Stock Exchange on May 28, 2010 (002415.SZ). As of September 16, 2016, Hikvision has a market capitalization of more than $20 billion USD, more than 18,000 employees and 40 wholly-owned subsidiaries or shareholding companies worldwide.

    Hikvision is the world’s leading video surveillance products supplier

    According to yearly independent research data from IHS Market, Hikvision accounted for 19.5% of market share in global video surveillance industry in 2015, up from 4.6% in 2010, and has been ranked the No.1 market share leader globally for video surveillance equipment for five consecutive years. In 2015, Hikvision was ranked first in EMEA market with 12.2% market share, and was ranked second in Americas market with 7.3% market share.

    Hikvision provides video surveillance products and vertical market solutions in the global market, through more than 2,400 partners in 155 countries and regions. In mainland China, Hikvision now partners with more than 40,000 distributors, system integrators and installers. The Company’s products and solutions have been widely deployed in a number of vertical markets and in notable facilities around the world including the Beijing Olympic Stadium, Shanghai Expo, Philadelphia Safe Communities in the U.S., South Korea Seoul Safe City, Brazil World Cup Stadium, the Italy Linate Airport, and many others.

    Hikvision is dedicated to providing global resources and locally-based technical, engineering, sales and service supports to its valued customers around the world. In Hikvision’s oversea sales team, about 90% of the employees are local residents; for example, Hikvision European has about 210 employees, among which, over 190 are locals.



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