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CCTV also known as Closed-circuit Television is a means of video surveillance whereby high end video cameras are used to transmit signals to a specific place via monitors. According to an article on Wikipedia, “It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point to point (P2P), point to multipoint (P2MP), or mesh wired or wireless links”.

Furthermore, before any system can be classified as a surveillance system, there must be a place of focus i.e. an office, a bank, a shop etc. these areas need security. Current studies have shown that about 80% of establishments in Nigeria have a video surveillance system installed. Hikvision surveillance systems comes in different types.

As one of the best producers of surveillance cameras in the world, Hikvision systems are rugged, efficient and at the same time, easy on your budget.

Hikvision basically has two broad categories of Surveillance solution in the market: TURBO HD CAMERA SOLUTION and NETWORK (IP) CAMERA SOLUTION. These solutions come in 720 and 1080 pixels resolution for the Turbo HD and higher quality resolution for the IP or Network camera. Although these categories exists, different camera types are available for different functions and different surveillance areas in any system. They include:

DOME CAMERAS; for use indoors i.e. living rooms, inside office spaces, labs etc.
BULLET CAMERAS; for use outdoors i.e. perimeter surveillance, parking spaces, outdoor corridors etc.

COVERT CAMERAS; for use as discreet surveillance or cameras in disguise i.e. door peepholes, sockets, switches etc.

VARIFOCAL CAMERAS; allows for zooming in and out of images without loosing focus on image and display quality.

WIRELESS CAMERAS; allows for images to be sent to viewing devices or monitors via signaling devices or wireless connectivity. These cameras have wireless connection capabilities e.g. Cube camera, Fisheye camera etc.

PTZ CAMERAS; this stands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom. These cameras allow for adjusting surveillance view either by a Pan, Tilt or Zoom movement. This adjustment could either be done manually or set to be automatically done by the camera. This includes speed dome cameras.

These cameras – although may vary in description and function – could be used together In a system to achieve flawless surveillance.

Before we continue, here’s something we feel you should know

It has become well known that CCTV has become the mainstay technology in surveillance and security process in Nigeria. To this effect, a lot of brands, companies and claims that have the best surveillance cameras and supporting systems have emanated. As well, various brands that do not offer all that they promise have hit the market. Brands that do not adapt well in the harsh Nigerian weather conditions and still create a huge gouge on your budget are all that the CCTV market has to offer.

Here at Cloud Security Technology, we aim at one thing; providing the best solution at the best possible price. With our high-tech security and surveillance hub in Lekki, Lagos, we assure you the best in customer services and sales quality. Our CCTV camera shop in Lekki aims at satisfying every and any need you may have when it comes to security and surveillance.

Our CCTV camera office in Lagos is your special location for all accessories, supporting equipment, installation, training and configuration of CCTV and Alarm systems in Nigeria. We provide the best CCTV installation and training in Nigeria.

Be sure to check out our CCTV Camera Shop in Lekki, Lagos for the best camera solution as well as post-installation assistance. We have the best CCTV Camera installers in Lekki with a relevant experience of more than 10 years at your service whenever you require professional assistance and CCTV camera installation. We have attained the status of being a major CCTV Camera Distributor in Nigeria with the volume we pull our monthly to high profile clients and customers.

Our CCTV Camera sales in Lekki boasts to be one of a kind as we have customers as Lekki Concession Company and others on our list. We also aim at partnering with other CCTV Camera Shops in Nigeria to provide the best to our clients Nationwide.


So, the next time you have a CCTV Camera installation needs or need of CCTV Camera sales, visit our high-tech CCTV camera office in Nigeria.

Are you thinking of getting a CCTV camera surveillance system? you have to be sure to take a few factors into consideration before making any choices whatsoever. You have to be sure of the ruggedity, efficiency and function as well as the Cost or price of CCTV cameras in the Nigerian market. So, why do you need a Surveillance system or CCTV camera The cost of installing CCTV cameras in Nigeria varies on a couple of factors; one of which includes the current number of cctv camera dealers in Nigeria. The importance of security in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized, with the prevalent levels of crime in the country, cctv companies in Nigeria thrive and aim at providing best quality surveillance solution.

Here at Cloud Security Technology, we aim at providing matchless cctv installation in Lagos and Nigeria overall. We also strive to provide the best cctv camera installation training in Nigeria. Being one of the authorized Hikvision distributors in Nigeria, be rest assured that what you get is the very best in cctv camera sales and technology in Nigeria. Visit our shop TODAY! For the best deals in cctv camera sales in Lagos and Nigeria. Also log into our training page to get the best in cctv camera training in Lagos. We also offer sales, installation and extensive maintenance on access control systems, fire alarm systems, burglar alarm system, intrusion alarm etc.

Cloud Security Technology Limited is your number one online CCTV shopping site. It is also Nigeria’s number one online CCTV shopping site. Cloud Security Ltd is a modern technology company focused on providing surveillance consumer products such as Wireless CCTV Cameras with remote surveillance capabilities, Smart IP Cameras, Analog cameras, PTZ dome cameras, Covert Cameras, HD-SDI cameras, NVRs,  DVRs, Video Door phones & Intercom.

We offer installation and after sales service and support, whether it’s working with you to select suitable products or helping you design the proper application best suited for your requirements.

Our products and services are designed to meet nearly all surveillance requirements for residential, enterprise, small, medium and large corporations applications with the added advantage to remotely view and monitor all activity of concern to you in your Home or office from anywhere and at any time via Your IPHONES, IPAD OR ANDROID PHONES.

Well, every and any COMPLETE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM is made up of the following major components: cameras, a recording device and a monitor. The cameras at different positions are used to capture both still images and video which are transmitted to the monitor via the Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder. Other components – which may be categorized as peripheral – include: Hard disk (for storage), Cables (Cat 6, RG59 etc.), BNC and Power connectors etc.


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Although it may seem very complex or confusing installing or understanding the vast dynamics of a successful CCTV system, you would find that understanding and grasping the basics makes the entire process of choosing, purchasing and installing much more easy. On the other hand, you are always welcome to contact us here at Cloud Security Technology any time for the best professional advice.

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As for its importance, having a CCTV surveillance system cannot be over-emphasized. With increase in levels of crime and the frequency at which they are perpetuated, safety of life and property has become undermined.

In the light of this, surveillance and security has become one (if not the most) important factor governing everyday life. At home or in the office, a security and surveillance system in place is necessary and important to reduce if not curb any kind of theft, misconduct or unfortunate incident.

So long as there is a building, a space or an area with activity (whether frequent or not), goods, services, production, transportation etc., the concept of CCTV Surveillance poses to have a lot of use. Here are some uses of CCTV cameras and surveillance systems.

  • Crime Prevention.
  • Industrial Processes.
  • Traffic Monitoring.
  • Transport Safety.
  • Sporting Events.
  • Monitor Employees.
  • School use.
  • Home Security.

Before you decide on what kind of system to install, you might want to take a quick look at a few pointers we have listed below as a guide:

  • Know your surveillance need either in your home, office or as a matter of fact, anywhere.
  • Make a sketch or a write-up of where you intend to monitor (i.e. indoor or outdoor), what kind of cameras would be suitable and what quantity you need.
  • Consult a surveillance company (like Cloud Security Technology) for further professional advice.
  • Pick your “spots”; here, you would want to pick priority spots or zones in your home, office, parking lot etc. that would allow you to maximize your monitoring.
  • Now, you are ready to run your cabling (i.e. if there has been no prior cable installation).
  • Prior to mounting your cameras in the spots you have selected, make sure to run a test on the equipment you have purchased. Always purchase high quality CCTV cameras like the Hikvision CCTV Surveillance System.
  • Now, you’re ready to mount you indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras; when doing this, always choose a high broad angle for your camera.
  • Connect all mounted cameras to the power source; be careful here because CCTV cameras require low current to function. An overload would damage the camera or cause a malfunctioning.
  • Now, plug in all your mounted cameras into your Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder. This would allow you to view all the desired areas you have just installed cameras.
  • Connect your DVR or NVR to a monitor or screen.

But if you feel that these steps are too stressful for you to carryout on your own, then you are more than welcome to CONTACT US for the best professional help in CCTV Camera installation in Nigeria.

Okay, now we are here… where can you get the best CCTV solution in Lagos and Nigeria? Cloud Security Technology prides itself with the best professionals in the security business. For the best quality equipment when installing your CCTV solution anywhere in Nigeria; Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Abuja etc., be sure to contact us for the best CCTV camera deals. When it comes to CCTV camera dealers and sales in Nigeria, we are number one in the market.


We also offer Home Video Intercom which is effective for screening visitors at your door from the comfort of your home without going to the door

All our products come with a two-year warranty and we have partnered as country representatives with HIKVISION, the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions currently listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange

The products and services we offer clearly represent the best in surveillance from premium surveillance security systems to advanced surveillance systems, innovative systems with smart applications, coverage reliability and convenience and we Have Experienced And Trained Hands Readily Available To Install, Maintain And Support.